A Night Tour of Singapore

On November 18th, we set out on the subway with pleasure. Our corporate teacher led us to see a fantastic night scene in Singapore. We also took many significant pictures of this fun activity.


Firstly, we arrived at Esplanade, which is a prosperous place.


There were lots of kinds of food. We ordered dinner which everyone favorites. I also tasted delicious Filipino food.

After eating, we walked into a huge durian-like building. Teacher told us that it is a famous theatre. Fortunately, we met a pop band playing a song. All of us stop to listen to exiting music. I also took a video for them.


Next, teacher led us to the rooftop of this building. The enchanting scenery all went into our eyes. Singapore’s prosperity is impressive.


Time flies, we should go back to school. On the way back, we played a lot of interesting equipments.


Through this meaningful experience, I met the prosperous land and rich culture of Singapore.